What has been lost

This project has been difficult. I wanted to create a purely photorealistic hand, which is much harder then I had expected it to be. The composition remained almost exactly the same as the original sketch, which seemed to have worked out very well; all the lines lead directly to the skin which the hand is offering to the stencils. I once again used metal wire to link the skin to the stencil, this time in a more staple-ish way.

Humans are constantly distancing themselves from what they are actually doing, and instead finding the most economical and practical way of achieving their goal. This work symbolizes a point were humans have become so economical that they have been reduced to mere black and white outlines. The hand above symbolizes humanity and is holding a small strip of skin, which the people below long to reclaim. Though the hand above seems to be more reminiscent of humanity today, it is only a cover up, for below the skin, is just another black and white hand.